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3 Jan
Making Decisions When You Are Stuck

Almost every manager, business owner, or non-profit leader, at some point in their career, faces a crisis that causes their entire strategy to become obsolete and in need of quick revision. How they handle it can be the difference between success and failure. A great example of this was from Intel in the 1980s. According...

22 Jan
Always High Prices-Why We You Shouldn’t Compete On Price

“A big reason so many businesses compete on price is because they can’t prove what value they offer, so they’re stuck with the one selling point that’s a breeze to communicate: cheapness.”  Mish Slade, Author Pricing is part of your brand.  It is also part of your strategy.  It can make or break you.  Too...

3 Dec
Learning From Past Business Mistakes

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article by Francis Greene titled Why Entrepreneurs Don’t Learn From Their Mistakes. While second-chance stories are comforting, my research shows that entrepreneurs don’t learn from their mistakes. In fact, it’s the opposite: Fail once and you’re most likely to fail again. Believing in the myth only sets entrepreneurs up for...

1 Dec
Quickly Identify Where Your Online Marketing Problems Are

When you aren’t getting customers from your website, it can be confusing to figure out what the problem is.  Fortunately, there is a simple process that often can help you identify quickly where your problems are: 1. Are people visiting your website? If people are not visiting your website that could indicate a couple of...

15 Oct
Two Types of Advertising Small Business Owners Should Know

One of the most common advertising themes I hear is that ads should be placed where it is cheaper to reach viewers. This misconception often lands small businesses in trouble because it often leads us to wasting limited resources on reaching the wrong people or at best the right people at the wrong time. In...