About Jake

Jake Porter has done a lot of work in the business and political fields.  He has managed retail stores (for both successful and unsuccessful corporations) and has worked for companies such as Yahoo and Apple.

In addition to his business work, Jake has even run for Governor of Iowa and has served on several boards and committees.  He even, on occasion, advises Presidential candidates on strategy.

In 2016, Jake started consulting with a start-up tattoo removal business that quickly grew into doing several services.  He implemented Google advertising campaigns, text appointment reminder campaigns, and online appointment bookings early on that were all keys to success and expansion.

Since that time, more companies have asked Jake to help their businesses and political candidates keep calling.  In 2019, small businesses using his services have increased sales by 39% over the previous year.

Jake looks at each business or organization in detail before giving advice.  His solutions aren’t part of a one size fits all approach.  Time is only spent on the services that are most likely to help your organization succeed.

Jake has a Bachelors Degree in Business from AIB College of Business (2011) and resides in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

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Why Choose Us?

I know the struggles of starting a company or managing a small business because I too have been there.

I know the terrible statistics about business failure rates.  I have owned two successful businesses.  My first one failed.  I want to help business owners avoid the mistakes I made in my first business.  My view of a relationship with my clients is a partnership and not a financial transaction.  We don’t succeed long-term if our clients don’t succeed.

I look forward to discussing your business or organization in more detail.

Jake Porter

Business Consultant