Our Mission

We form strategic partnerships with current and future companies and organizations to help them create a better tomorrow.

Our Vision

To be the number one consulting company chosen by like-minded small businesses and organizations in Iowa and Nebraska to assist them with their organizational and marketing needs.

Our Values

Accountability: We are accountable to ourselves and our clients.

Entrepreneurial: Corporate hierarchical culture is a drag on progress.

Friendly: We care about our team and clients. We even smile and say hello.

Growth: A company or organization that isn’t growing or trying to grow is dead. We don’t do business with the dead.

Innovative: We must always look for better and more efficient ways to do things. Those that don’t get killed in the marketplace.

Paranoid: We look to solve small problems, so they don’t one day turn into a giant monster that kills us.

Partnerships: Our clients are more than just clients. They are partners. We both rely on each other to be successful.

Persistent: Get up and keep moving! We don’t get emotional about sunk costs or mistakes.

Simplification: Don’t complicate simple things such as contracts, business deals, or marketing materials.

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